#ONYXBOX ~BEST Black Beauty Box


Let me first start by saying, that I am extremely disappointed in myself for just finding out about Onyxbox. If you’re a black women and do not know about the Onyxbox , I am here to save you from the disappointment that I felt for subscribing to things other that Onyxbox.

I am sure everyone has heard of Ipsy, if you haven’t I am going to give you a quick summary of what it is. Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products, plus a cute makeup bag. While that shit is cute and all I received products that didn’t provide me with what I needed as a ‘black’ woman.

Onyxbox is curated by black women, for black women. If I am going to pay a monthly subscription for something, it better have items that I can actually try out and really use in my everyday hygiene routine. My bathroom is full of products, that I will never be able to utilize. Granted the monthly fee to get products from Ipsy is only $10.00, but that ten dollars is a complete waste if it’s not benefiting me. That’s like me setting a ten-dollar bill on fire. Nobody got time for that! Okay?!


So if my black ass, has to spend a monthly fee of $25.00 for Onyxbox that’s fine by me. Not only do you get $70+ worth of stuff in your box, but you also receive full size items. Other companies subscription boxes only gives you sample sizes. In my book it’s so worth it, especially  with me being a natural. Products for a women of color does not come cheap.  For example, depending where you go for a jar of Shea Moisture curly enhancing smoothie cost an arm, leg, and bundle of weave. Too EXPENSIVE!

All in all, my beautiful black women if you fell victim into paying Ipsy $10.00 a month to not really benefit from it. You should really make that move to, into becoming a loyal customer with them if you haven’t already. You will thank me later.

-I will be posting reviews on some of the products that I’ve recieved, because that needs a whole post by itself.

Subscription Plans:

  • Month to Month $25/Month
  • 6 Month Sub Get 1 Months FREE $125.00
  • 12 Month Sub Get 3 Months FREE $225.00


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