Faux Freckles?

Photo: Pinterest

Lawd! Isn’t she gawwdeous? Her freckles!!!! 😍😍😍 #Goals

Hey boo’s,

Welcome back to The Cookie Cutter Slayer, I am just coming to you guys today with a new trend I peeped when I was scrolling down my Facebook page. The hot new trend is rocking fake freckles. Now I never thought I would live to see the day, where that would even be a thing.

While now and days having freckles is sexy and unique to most, there was a time where people got bullied for having freckles and it was seen as an imperfection. I mean I knew a couple of people when I was younger that prayed that one day they would be freed of their freckles. Now I’m sure they’re off somewhere embracing their freckles like no other. Good for them.

BUT the fact that fake freckles is a thing….mmmhh.  I don’t really know how to feel about it, simply because there’s fake lashes, fake hair, fake nails, fake contacts and the list goes on and on. I love to dibble and dabble in all those things to change up my look, but what about the women that will continue to rock those faux freckles like its theirs?  LMAO like how in the hell would you explain that to your significant other-that over time fell in love with your ‘freckles’? What the hell would you even utter?


Faux freckles are super duper cute though, ughhh I may try them. NOPE matter of fact I am doing it. I’ve always been obsessed with freckles. I am going to shop around and make a post about it. Just to give it a try.

Want to achieve the new beauty trend? Below I left some videos showcasing how to achieve your freckles.

…..or you can simply buy them here


What do you guys think about the new trend faux freckles? Has this beauty trend gone too far?  Leave your comments below



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