Good morning boo’s

I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted something. So I am sorry, but my goal is to definetly post more. I am learning the balance of being a single mother and school. Now, I can make time to focus on my blog.

So let’s start off with the most recent craziness…

Early this morning I was awaken by my sisters shrieks of saying the house was on fire. I froze for a split second, and then adrenaline kicked in I grabbed my babies and ran down stairs and out the house.

As we watched the firefighters do their jobs, all I could do was think that if it wasn’t for Spenser we could’ve been dead. All of our belonging could’ve been gone.

BUT because God is such an awesome God  it didn’t happen.

Which leads me to my next point, I need to start appreciating things as they are. I need to make the moves I need to make, to be great. There’s a reason God gives me another day to try again.

With that being said, I am working on opening my very own consignment shop. Hopefully it’s up an running by the end of this year.

CORRECTION!! I WILL have my consignment shop open by the end of this year 

I will be…

I can’t wait to take you all on the journey. I hope all is well. Have a great Saturday

(Pictures below of the damage the fire caused.)



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