I’m Back annnd…. I’m trying to be better? 

Hey boo’s and booski’s

So it’s definitely been a minute since I’ve posted and I know I said the same thing last time BUT shit has just been crazy. I try to stay positive, but these past few months has been full of negative bs. So I thought maybe it would be best not to share all of the hard times. Besides I don’t want all y’all in my  business mmkay. 😂

I do have some great news though, I am following my dreams of owning my own children’s  resell shop. My business is called  ‘Yaya & Quinn Co.’ it’s all online for now.

The name was inspired by my two beautiful daughters Anastasia (Yaya) and Emberleigh (Quinn). Waaaaay before they’re existence, I loved thrifting, I loved it even more once I had children of my own to thrift for.

Too make a long story short, owing my own business is really exciting but very stressful. I hope to be in a greater spot this time next year.

If you own your own business, do you have any advice and or tips you would like to share? Leave comments below.

In the meantime check out my shop on Etsy. 🐘💞

Shots of some of the things on the shop thus far 👇🏽👇🏽

Shop Yaya & Quinn Co.

IG: @_yayaquinnco

Facebook: Yaya & Quinn Co.





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