Support Small Businesses 

Hey guys!! I know, I know! I suck for not posting in a very long time. BUT that’s because I’ve been busy running my children’s resell shop!

Why didn’t any of you tell me that running your own business is so stressful. LAWD! There’s days where I want to give up, especially when business is slow. 

On April 12th and 15th I made my first two sales…….To many of you that may not mean jack shit but it means a lot to me. Me selling those two items was like wining a million bucks. That pushed me to go even harder. Besides my girls depend on me. 

My life depends on this. Im a single mother always trying to find affordable ways to be happy and live comfortably. That’s exactly why I opened shop. To help other women do the same. Not everyone has the patience to go into a goodwill and shop for items that are “cute”. The whole idea is overwhelming to most. 

That’s where I come in, I find, buy all the unique/ name brand children’s clothing for your child and turn around and sell them at an affordable price. Your child can still be the coolest kid on the block in gently used clothing. 


Stop by the shop and say hi! 

Shop-Yaya & Quinn Co

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