I’m the Cookie Cutter Slayer- One in a long line of women chosen for a specific mission; to seek out and destroy chips off the old “Fashion,Beauty, and Lifestyle” block. Seemingly, today’s society is full of body shaming, hypocritical and wannabe individuals. My goal is to help strong,creative, timid,peculiar and ambitious individuals find who they are in this sadistic society we currently live in.






My name is Arrin, I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri with my Mom, Dad and 8 siblings. I started blogging when I became a stay at home mother to my daughter Anastasia. While Being at home I motivated myself into doing what I love most-talking and encouraging others to be themselves, something I struggled with for many of years. I hope to help not only my readers but myself as I continue to grown as a person. I feel this blog will help me do just that. With that being said, I’m in the mist of creating a consignment shop for children and implementing my mission into the products I’ll be selling. Stay tuned and Enjoy 🙂

My Family

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